Jeroen van Baar (Apeldoorn, 1990) is a neuroscientist and author. He studies the surprising ways in which our brain shapes our social world: from achievement anxiety and morality to political polarization.

Jeroen studied psychology and cognitive neuroscience at Utrecht and ENS Paris. He obtained his Ph.D. in January of 2019 at the Donders Institute of Radboud University Nijmegen with a thesis on the psychology and neuroscience of moral decision-making. He then moved to Brown University for a post-doc on how political polarization originates in the brain.

In Fall 2013 he was a member of the National Think Tank, researching the future of health care in the Netherlands alongside 25 other students. In January 2014, he published the book De Prestatiegeneratie, on his own—and the Millenial generation's—obsession with achievement. And in 2016 he was a fellow of the BKB Academy, a year-long training program on political campaigns and media.

As a societally engaged scientist, Jeroen published articles in newspapers and periodicals including De Volkskrant, NRC Handelsblad, De Groene Amsterdammer, Donders Wonders and Psychology Today. He gives general-audience talks and interviews on how scientific insights can advance our understanding of influential trends in society.

Academic publications: Google Scholar.

Photo by Anja Robertus